Saturday, March 5, 2016

March Fitness Accountability Group Info!

We have an APP for that now!

Almost THREE (!) years ago I began running challenge groups (through private Facebook groups) and I have had the privelege to see women COMPLETELY transform.

Old, tired excuses out the window and they become empowered, resilient & confidant. 🙆
And it's no different for ME....I have been held accountable by my teammates and have been TOTALLY transformed through challenge groups too!

👉That's the VERY best part of what I do....

Doing this alongside women who I can laugh with, plan with, vent with and have FUN with. It's something that I fell in love with and have stayed committed to month in and month out.
When temptation strikes they are only a text or message away. When I need my butt kicked to get a late night workout done they are waiting for my sweaty selfie. We give each other recipes and grocery tips. I love that they are a click away. 👯👯👯👯

I would LOVE to help you & plug you into community that will help you stay the course! We have a new and improved way to keep in touch- We have a BRAND new (free!) APP for Challengers! A one stop shop for accountability, community and coaching.

I am so excited for my FIRST group of challengers to join this BETA GROUP! We launch in just a couple of weeks! 💜

Connect with me here---> or email me,!

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