Saturday, March 26, 2016


In just over a week I am kicking off BOOTCAMP! 22 minutes a day & amazing results -- ‪#‎SUMMERSTRONG‬ is on its way!

We've got the 3 things you need to be successful:: training & nutrition provided by the experts [right in your kitchen and living room] and support and accountability provided by your coach & community [through our free Challenge Group App].

There is still time to sign up! [Monday at the latest!] 

Shoot me an email at or fill in the survey (Connect with me here---> so we can chat some more about our supportive online community, program options (you can choose what works for YOU) and meal planning!

Keepin' it SIMPLE. We provide the tools and you need to show up with the dedication. Looking for women who are ready to COMMIT!

Kids Easter Breakfast Idea!

1 fried egg.
2 pieces bacon.
2 blueberries.
1 cherry tomato halved
1 slice cheese cut in thin strips.

Simple, fast, made with things you already have in the fridge & kid friendly!

Thursday, March 24, 2016

3 Day Refresh

Hi all!  I wanted to share a little bit with you about the 3 Day Refresh I just completed :)  The  Video is less than three minutes and gives you a preview of what this cleanse is all about!

It's a healthy plant based/ food based cleanse.   It's nutritionally dense since Shakeology and plant based foods are involved but still a low calorie plan.

I love the feeling I have afterwards by eliminating all the processed foods, sugar and caffeine from my system. Totally REFRESHED!

This go around I lost 4 pounds in 3 days and it completely jump started my healthy eating post cruise!!

Send me over an email at to learn more or if I can help you get started!

Saturday, March 5, 2016

March Fitness Accountability Group Info!

We have an APP for that now!

Almost THREE (!) years ago I began running challenge groups (through private Facebook groups) and I have had the privelege to see women COMPLETELY transform.

Old, tired excuses out the window and they become empowered, resilient & confidant. 🙆
And it's no different for ME....I have been held accountable by my teammates and have been TOTALLY transformed through challenge groups too!

👉That's the VERY best part of what I do....

Doing this alongside women who I can laugh with, plan with, vent with and have FUN with. It's something that I fell in love with and have stayed committed to month in and month out.
When temptation strikes they are only a text or message away. When I need my butt kicked to get a late night workout done they are waiting for my sweaty selfie. We give each other recipes and grocery tips. I love that they are a click away. 👯👯👯👯

I would LOVE to help you & plug you into community that will help you stay the course! We have a new and improved way to keep in touch- We have a BRAND new (free!) APP for Challengers! A one stop shop for accountability, community and coaching.

I am so excited for my FIRST group of challengers to join this BETA GROUP! We launch in just a couple of weeks! 💜

Connect with me here---> or email me,!

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