Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Hammer and Chisel Transformation!

I am  so happy and proud to share my 60 day transformation pictures from Hammer & Chisel!!

My goals going into this program was to tone up and get STRONGER and revamp my eating style!

Originally, I was going to start in January...but I knew about 50 cookies stood between December and the new year. 

It was a hard go at the end of last year with traveling to California for Owen's surgeries, the holidays and stress but I was able to keep the holiday weight gain down to three pounds. 

And I kept telling myself the number wasn't *tooooo* high. 

👉But what mattered is how I FELT.

I was lying to myself because the truth is I was was feeling totally & undeniably SLUGGISH in all areas of life.

So I decided to get to WORK!  I laced up on Dec 28 to BEGIN my transformation.

It was HARD at first--

That first week I was so sore! I was feeling the crash from cutting out sugar. Feeling hungry >>hangry<< from reducing down Christmas portions to a balanced meal. 

^^^THIS is why most people don't start. They know this feeling and let's be real--it's PAINFUL!

But what if we made a decision together to just START. To stay the course when it gets hard. To be STRONGER than our excuses?

The pain of starting is worth it. Health. Balance. Strength. Happiness. It's worth a few growing pains.

You make a choice every day. "Either you run the day or the day runs you."

Over time, my body began to CRAVE the workouts and the healthier foods.  

Was I perfect?  No!  

There was a week between the Super Bowl and Valentine's day that I am not proud of. But I picked myself back up and I stayed the course and finished STRONGER than before.

Overall I lost about 4 pounds- but I FEEL so much stronger and  much more tone!

I LOVED this program and I know that it is one I will come back to again and again to keep working on my goals!

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