Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Stronger EVERY Day!

Can I tell you a low point? WELL before I got pregnant with Emerson but about 14 (!) months AFTER I had Owen a rumor started going around at school that Mrs. Nymark was expecting. I wasn't. 😐

I had fellow teachers congratulate me. 😒
It was humiliating. And I felt so tired of feeling sorry for myself. I joined my very first challenge group that same weekend- fueled by embarrassment and a glass of wine at a wedding. 🍷 (yes, I literally signed up from my phone at a wedding, wine in hand.) 

My logic-- 👉Jud would force me to commit to P90X if I spent money on Shakeology. Pretty legit reasoning, right!? Lol!

I didn't even WANT the shakes back then! It was a means to an end. What I was CRAVING was accountability and I had to put some skin in the game. 

What I CAN say with confidence is since then I have put in consistent efforts into leaving the "mom bod" and pregnancy rumors as a thing of the past. 

Listen--I spent a long time wallowing in the shame of stretch mark scars. Wishing I was a twenty-something in a 2 piece. Wishing for this and that. But I had to take control of what I could. 

And that was my health and confidence. 

So what am I doing now?
️✔Shakeology for breakfast every single day.
✔21 day fix nutrition system.
✔no missed workouts and pressing play with kids crawling all over me.
✔checking in daily with a group of like minded friends

And WITH those kinds of consistent efforts I EVOLVED into feeling healthy, happy and confident.

I was able to lay those insecurities to rest.☠

I'm not embarrassed anymore of what I carried as a deep dark secret because I FEEL good inside & out. And that IS what matters. 

I am STOKED to share 30 day progress pics on Wednesday From Hammer &Chisel

So....is this very beginning of abs maybe?
Maybe if you tilt to the side and squint just a little 😉😝

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