Monday, January 18, 2016

HAMMER & CHISEL -- 2 week progress report!

Hammer and Chisel Progress!

18 days of no missed workouts and on point, portioned nutrition. There's been no cheat meals, snacks, bites or or "just a taste!" involved. 🏆

This side by side was Day 1 and Day 14.

This was after being 100% in.

You see, we've NEVER committed so fully. We've completed programs but never followed nutrition to a T. We made a decision-- 60 days balls to the wall. 😏

So, that leads me to this picture...
I saw this side by side and I was BUMMING! 

Even though I KNOW my body is changing (the scale, clothes, and sore muscles are telling me so) I wanted to SEE more of a difference.

This is why so many people bail out. It's natural when you put IN HARD WORK you want to see the impact right away.

People think starting is the hardest. I think THIS point is the hardest. This is when your mind has to make the decision. When you tell yourself you are STILL in it. When you are going to trust the process. When you become bigger than your excuses and you won't quit.

It's no miracle shake I have or quick fixes. It's nutrition, support and exercise.

And that takes a little time. But it also creates LASTING results and healthier habits.

So, cheers to 2 weeks down, 6 to go. We're here to finish this thing!

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