Thursday, January 28, 2016

30 Day HAMMER & CHISEL Results!

I am so proud to announce my husband and I have SUCCESSFULLY hit the halfway mark of Beachbody's new Hammer & Chisel program!!!

Unlike previous programs we have completed we jumped into this totally COMMITTED to the 21 Day Fix color coded nutrition system.

And, man!, no looking back!  Armed with my FIXATE cookbook my husband I decided on Dec 28th we were going ALL IN.  We wanted to see what 100% commitment looked like on us.

[[ spoiler alert--- it looks GOOD!! :) :) ]]

I am so excited and thrilled to show off my 30 DAY/HALWAY THERE progress pics!!

Talk about motivation to stick with the next 30 days!

But really, I would say the most surprising thing about this particular journey through Hammer & Chisel  [[ with NO missed workouts and NO cheat meals ]] has been that I have felt unwaveringly DEDICATED to finish the program full out!

It feels so empowering to make the decision to commit 100% and not hang out in limbo.  When you have your toe in the seems scary to jump.  You just gotta GET in there!

I am SO glad we did this with our minds set right because there has been absolutely NO REGRETS!

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