Monday, January 18, 2016

2016 and a BIG FUTURE!

We are well into January and I am still wrapping my mind around all the lessons learned in 2015 and where I want 2016 to lead Fit + Fearless!

2105 held a lot of growing pains and I had to begin learning what leadership needs to look like for me and my team. I struggled with confidence and at times self-sabatoged my goals- throwing in the towel before I even got in the fight. Because I was nervous to take the leap.  

Those are hard lessons to swallow and hard lessons to learn. Lessons I will take with me to blow 2016 out of the water!  Weeks into 2016 and were already picking up massive momentum!

Even through those struggles in 2015  I consider last year a HUGE success because I was able to see my team GROW and begin to create a true vision for their own families and for the freedom this business will allow them! 

The focus of 2016 is to work on myself to be the best leader possible to this growing team! They are so deserving and I am eager to help even more people on this journey toward fitness and business goals and successes! 

This business has what they call invisible results and a compound effect.  

What that means is there is hard work and strong efforts that lay the foundation of building your business.  I will be honest- sometimes, in the very beginning it feels like a lot of effort for a small payout!   But, isn't that how all things worthwhile start?  Financial goals. Fitness goals.  Healthier lifestyle habits.  It's investing in the habits over time that bring you GREAT success.

But having been a coach for three years I am living PROOF of the compound effect.  The decision I have made to STICK with it during these past few years have yielded results that will buy financial freedom.

We have more flexibility now than before- I am able to work part time and be home with our three children.  We have had the privilege of affording more family vacations and small extras.   And all along the way the fitness successes of my challengers and the milestones reached by my coaches have fueled the fire to continue.

The hard work, and the willingness to stick with it, has payed off ten fold and I KNOW the efforts I put forth in 2016 will help with the "invisible results" I am building years down the road.  

 I won't throw in the towel before I get in the fight, ESPECIALLY when goals seem scary.
 I will not allow my mood, or a small setback, ruin my momentum.
 I will remember that EACH setback is an opportunity for a comeback. 

I am laying the foundation for our BIG future.

This year a HUGE goal of mine is to get 5 members of my team to DIAMOND rank in 2016.  I say this because it is a position that will allow my leaders to fully develop as leaders in their own right and in a BIG way.  They will begin to see the ripple effect they have on others lives- fitness, commenty, leadership. financial freedom.  They will be able to see the legacy they are creating in a very tangible way.

I hope you will be one of the five! <3>

If you are reading this and are READY to commit to making a CHANGE in your life - to start making the small efforts daily that will add up in a BIG way.... I am accepting applications for my BRAND NEW 2016 Coaches!

I will be selecting my apprentices by THIS WEEK. Deadline is Friday, January 22.

Let's work together taking the first step making the CHANGE!
Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach’s income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill.

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