Monday, August 3, 2015

Edamame Salad Review:: FIXATE Cookbook

This was a winner with everyone in the family- adults and kids!

Very simple ingredients went into the dressing and the salad itself.  The only thing that required a little effort was making sure when we went grocery shopping we knew what we were looking for when it came to "Napa Cabbage".  We've never used it before but everyone enjoyed it and the cabbage didn't how a overwhelming flavor at all.

I had made a similar Asian- inspired salad a few weeks ago that called for sriracha.  This was a nice alternative because our younger kids could eat it and it wasn't spicy.  It was a great recipe to use as a side salad and with some shredded chicken added in it could easily become the main course.

The whole thing probably took about 10 minutes to put together and the leftover saved well for today's lunch!

Healthy and yummy!


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