Friday, July 24, 2015

Power Greens Shakeology BOOST Review

One of the most exciting benefits of attending SUMMIT, Beachbody's annual conference, is being able to try out the brand new products before they are released to the public.  I was excited to get a sneak peek into one of the new Shakeology BOOSTS, Power Greens, before it became available this past Tuesday.

A major part of the reason this BOOST was created to compliment Shakeology is to help consumers meet their daily requirements of vegetables.  It's perfectly designed to complement the nutrition already found in the shake and help those who have maintain a vegetable-challenged diet (aka-- people who are NOT making a happy plate!).  

Personally, as someone who does eat a lot of greens in my diet I could see the benefit of this Boost for spouses or kids who resist that kind of diet.  And I could also see the benefit of having the boosts on hand for those events which you know you do not have as much control over menu options.  Such as eating while traveling, camping, etc.

The reason these power greens are not already in Shakeology is because the basic Shakeology is designed to provide dense nutrition but also maintain the sweet integrity of the taste. With the Power Greens BOOST, shake-drinkers can control how much additional vegetables are added into the shake.  And honestly, depending on how much is added, the shake does take on a more "earthy taste."  The taste is not bad-- but it does lose some of the sweetness which you can tell is replaced by more dense greens.

Overall, I liked it!  I wasn't surprised by the "green" flavor of the shake.  I feel that anyone who has added extra green to smoothies, shakes, juices, etc knows the kind of flavoring that comes with these kinds of vegetables.  The boost tasted less sweet- But, I felt the compromise of losing some of the sweetness was outweighed by getting extra kale, spinach and leafy greens into my body.

One major benefit of putting this power into the consumers hand is that they can ease into adding more and more vegetables and their palette can get used to the flavor changes over time.  It does not need to be a full scoop right off the bat!  You can work your way up!

Happy drinking!

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