Tuesday, July 28, 2015

FIXATE DESSERTS:: Flourless Chocolate Chickpea Brownies Review

Today is my 30th Birthday!

So, I decided to give Autumn Calabrese's Flourless Chocolate Chickpea Brownies, from her new cookbook FIXATE, a try so I can stay on my nutrition plan while indulging a little bit!

I mean, what is a birthday without some chocolate??

The very first thing I was very happy to see is that the recipe called for ingredients I already had around the house.  Many of the ingredients are common throughout her recipe book- so you often have what you need on hand which is cost efficient and time-saving!

I have made cookie and brownie alternatives before with chickpeas so I had already worked through the initial weirded-out process in the past.  It is a surprisingly good substitute to flour!  It makes the brownies dense and fudgey.  And honestly, it just takes on the taste of whatever you add into it.  You will need a blender or food processor on hand to whip it up and make the mixture smooth.

Prep was fast and the entire pan was in the oven after about 5-7 minutes of prep.

28 minutes later, I had a warm, gooey chocolate pan of brownies.

My son was excited and what was planned to be a post dinner treat became a post-lunch treat (I kind of knew that would happen in this house!) He didn't notice the difference at ALL (and didn't see me prep the brownies) and gobbled his right up.

I also enjoyed the brownies but made a note in my cookbook next time to omit the coconut oil and go for the butter.  I had committed to a VERY clean brownie today but I can usually detect coconut oil in my baked products and it's not my personal favorite.  So for me, I noticed that flavor more than the others.  Next time I will try with butter (which is listed as an option in FIXATE as long as it is organic & grass-fed butter).

Overall, I was super happy with our midday chocolate birthday treat and I know I will be making again!


If you want to learn more about ordering FIXATE, or the monthly fitness+nutrition groups I run, please click here!

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