Saturday, June 27, 2015

6 years!

Happy 6th anniversary, Jud!

I am beyond thankful that our paths crossed so many years ago and the endless funny stories, high school crushes, sorority date functions, and long distance love that got us to our wedding day 6 years ago.  Being able to grow up with you an has been the greatest joy of my life.

I am always hearing that marriage is hard.  I disagree.  Yes, marriage can be full of compromise, growing and changing together through challenges.  For us that looks like 6 years of 5 moves, 2 layoffs, 8 job changes, 3 kids and 9 ears.

But through it all our marriage has never once been "hard".

Because, at the end of the day, it's aways you who I want a hug from when I feel angry, frustrated, or exhausted.  It's you that can annoy me to my wit's end and then turn right around and make me laugh harder than anyone.

I feel so thankful our marriage is a constant in my life that never waivers. It's never something I have to doubt even when life gets hard.  As we continue growing, changing and facing challenges-  I am thankful I have you in my corner.

I love you, always.  Happy Anniversary!

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