Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Simple Baby Easter Basket Fillers

I love the holidays, and I often have to hold myself back from making every holiday a spending spree.  Luckily, I have a husband who plays a good sounding board and can often let me know a reasonable price cap for a 7 month old baby who will be more interested in trying to chew the plastic green grass over what's actually in the basket.

This Easter I was challenged with keeping Emerson's Easter basket to $20.  I love a good challenge.

1. Pat the Bunny.  A classic book with touch and feel fun for baby. $6.41 on Amazon.
2. Infantino Peter Rabbit.  Good teething toy for the little one.  And it keeps with the classic bunny theme. And he rattles and jitters. $7.99 on Amazon.
3. Peter Rabbit Organics. Averaging about $1.40 each you can fill up baby's basket with healthy, and themed, foods.  I find mine at Target, of course.

Very simple.  But very cute.  What more could a 7 month ask for?

Well, maybe this 100% organic, smiling carrot teether.  But I wanted to stick to the budget. :)

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