Thursday, February 12, 2015

Memory Making: Annual Valentine's Day Breakfast-for-Dinner Party

This past Tuesday we invited over the grandparents to celebrate Valentine's Day with our annual Breakfast-for-Dinner-Valentine's-Day-Dinner-Party.  Phew, wordy.  But a lot of words when strung together add up to a really fun night.

My mother in law does quite a wonderful job of hosting the big holidays, so around here, we go ALL OUT for the smaller ones.

Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Cinco de out, I'm coming for you.  I'm armed with my dollar store decorations and themed food.  Like, Red velvet waffles....

{recipe for red velvet Belgium waffles found here}

So, this was the THIRD year we have had this tradition and get together for Valentine's.  A little simple, and fun, menu of breakfast for dinner.  That's it.  Nothing else on the agenda except hanging out with family and eating some breakfast in the evening hours.

But...that's the fun thing about childhood... the kids are SO excited about this simple get together for days- working on their valentines, Jamin asking to wear cologne so he will be "extra handsome" (true story)and sneaking peaks into the dollar store bags to see what trinkets are hidden.... and I must admit, I love having been given the honor of helping craft their childhood memories.

What a task to be blessed with...and, well, if it means just a little food coloring to see their faces light up --  I'm happy to provide it by the gallons ;)

{I think this bacon heart won my man's heart all over again, by the way.}

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