Friday, January 2, 2015

The brinks of 2015

Ironic, as I sit down to write a post to think about how I want 2015 to look for me and my family that Jud turns to me and says, "so, what are we doing with 2015?

How amazing, and overwhelming, is that kind of question?  What WILL we do with 2015?  We have some ideas where we are heading this year- some goals we would like to accomplish and adventures to go on.  And we go forward into 2015 with all the insight and lessons learned in 2014.

But for me, this year, one major and personal goal I have for myself is to learn the patience to slow down.  I can go very, very fast.  Moving so quickly through each day that I wonder where the month, and the month before that, have gone away to.  I felt that way with this Christmas.  As we packed up the last of the decorations this week  I wondered to myself where did the weeks of anticipating Christmas vanish to?

Maybe this is what happens as you approach 30.  Maybe this is what happens when you have three young children.  Time seems to dissipate a whirlwind and you wonder how your own childhood summers and holidays felt so long. So, I want to learn to to not put the pressure on myself to take on everything all at once.  I want wake up each morning intentionally looking for the beauty that is hidden in the routine and exhale out each evening the stressors and the to-do list of the day.  I want be present with the people I love the most 100%.  When the boys ask for an extra bedtime story I want to say yes without hesitation and not worry that the laundry that is piled a mile high. Because life is so much more than folding the clothes.

I plan to soak up 2015.  Because this year is a once in a lifetime for me.  One of the few precious years where I am knee deep in young children and babies.  This is a chapter that we are in the thick of, and believe me- we are feeling the craziness it entails, but it's fleeting. If I didn't believe it before, I know it now....  "The days are long but the years are short."

And though it can be exhausting, and sometimes it leaves me and Jud  giggling as we reflect on the chaos of our days-- it is so beautiful.  Welcome 2015.  I know its truly unique one that will give me some of the sweetest memories of my lifetime.

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