Wednesday, January 28, 2015

5 days of Sugar Free!

I am happy to say I am five days into our "Breaking up with your Sweet Tooth" and I am going STRONG right along with all my challengers!

AND in 5 full days I am down about 3 pounds (with exercise 4 of the 5 days as well).  I'm holding strong to those new years resolutions!

They say it takes 21 days to form a habit and I am cruising right along to the goals I have this year.  If my challengers come out of this challenge a few pounds lighter, but more importantly, with a newly formed habit of more often than not leaving that refined sugar behind--- then this thing is a SUCCESS!

Day 1 was a breeze (isn't that always the case when you get a new program going??)  Here's some yummy steak and eggs we had over the weekend.

Day 2 I woke up with a very slight headache but as soon as I ate breakfast it was gone.  This was the day that my husband got a little bit grouchy.  I'm so happy he is on board with me, especially because it is becoming more apparent as the days go on that he is the one more addicted to sugar--so, I think he needed this challenge to break his one-candy-bar-a-day-at-work habit.  It's an amazing what things you can accomplish when you are part of a bigger team and you have others on board with you to keep you going when things get tough.  Accountability is everything, folks.

Day3 I felt like I was finding my groove.  Check out these Spinach Turkey burgers and roasted broccoli with sweet potatoes all packed up for lunch.  YUM.

Day 4 was so busy at work.  Too busy for craving sugar to be a distraction that's for sure. The trick on these kinds of days is to be prepared!  This is one of those times when mindless eating could kick in or a stress induced run to the candy jar (and when you work in schools, there are a LOT of candy jars).  But my lunches have been pre-packed with healthy lunch and snacks so I'm never left hungry and looking for a quick, impulsive fix.

And today, Day 5, I decided to try some new recipes.  I had never roasted a chicken.  And when you are off sugar you are looking for new ways to be entertained by your food!   Here I present to you a very simple- and basic- roasted chicken with lemon, garlic,thyme and basil.

5 days down, 16 more to go!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Freebie 3 Day Refresh for my next challenger!

A challenger in our "Breaking up with your Sweet Tooth" group lost SIX pounds by jumpstarting her nutrition with this little gem--- the 3 Day Refresh!

Good news because it's a healthy & natural way to detox that includes actual FOOD, jumpstarts weight loss, and helps you get control of eating habits.

Yes, please.

In honor of waking up to such good news this morning.... I want to spread the love!

The next challenger thats ready reign in their nutrition and take their fitness by the HORNS by ordering a challenge pack (workout/ shakeology of your choice) gets a FREE 3 day refresh from me to you. 

This might just be the thing that makes the difference in your life. A small decision to test out a challenge group in April 2013 TOTALLY changed mine. Make the investment in you heart emoticon

Email me ( to find out more and get this Refresh!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Post Partum Weight Loss Journey

 have never been able to "snap back" from pregnancy. Im not one of those girls who has babies without a stretch mark. I don't shed the weight in two weeks or even two months. Pretty opposite actually. 
After Jamin I felt discouraged and embarrassed. I was running half marathons and losing no weight. Silly as it sounds I felt my body failed me (ridiculous thoughts looking back...come on, I grew a human!) I totally gave up and felt sorry for myself. 
After Owen, I moped for a solid YEAR before even taking action. It took time and hard work but I was finally able to shed the lingering weight from both pregnancies. I had made a decision to not give up no matter what. I revamped my diet and amped up my workouts through Beachbody programs. Finally, I was was able to go into pregnancy #3 healthy and fit. 
And I thought it would be easy this time! 
This last pregnancy with Emerson I was put on pelvic rest at 5 months. (Since when does life go exactly as planned??)
But this time I am stronger mentally. I know if I put in the work I will see results. I don't feel defeated- I feel determined. 
And guess what? I'm still 13 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight almost 6 months post partum. And that's ok. Im not racing anyone. I'm making the small choices everyday that will add up to big results. I know my body has had three babies. I know my body doesn't "snap back" without hard work. I know that I am making progress and I'm not expecting perfection. 
Not afraid or embarrassed this time. Just ready to work. If you can relate shoot me over an email ( I love having company on the journey!
Ps. This is me 1 month post partum with baby #3 and TODAY. Working that pooch away!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

SAM's club epiphany!

Ok, let me be straightforward here in letting you know this post is going to be about Beachbody Coaching.

So, stop now if that's not your jam! :P

I am sure many have noticed for the last (almost) 2 years I have been blessed by this coaching opportunity more than I could have EVER imagined.  I share about it a lot of Facebook.... because how can I NOT!?  It's life changing.

What started out as a desperate desire for accountability to lose a few pounds has turned into a thriving business for me and my family.

Thursday's in Beachbody Land are a pretty wild days.  It's the day you can see how much your business is compounding and developing over time, its when you can see how the coaches on your team are growing and creating a thriving business for themselves... and it is also payday (!!!)

But, today, it was kind of a "ehhh" day.  Coming out of the holidays and finding the groove post-vacation kind of showed itself in my payday total.  I glanced at it, accepted it, and kind of chalked it up as an "off" week and went about my day.

Well, later on in the day I headed to Sam's Club (for ANOTHER box of pull-ups...come on potty training!!) and I was struck by the total of my receipt.  I recognized that number.

Totally odd, and very unlikely, my Sam's Club total was the EXACT total I earned this morning through Beachbody.

I swear to you, I spent the entire walk out to the car just in amazement staring at my cart.  I felt like I was having a "Come to Jesus" talk with myself about gratitude. I could not believe what I was so easily calling an "off" day has provided my family.

It's one thing to see a number on a screen but another thing to see it right before your eyes as something tangible (and necessary) for your family.

I am so fortunate.  So thankful.  So humbled and blessed to show that this "kind-of-weird-week" was able to provide us with--

1 box of bulk diapers
1 box of bulk pull ups
2 boxes of bulk wipes
2 Jumbo packs of laundry detergent
1 carton Blackberries
1 carton Strawberries
Bulk pack of organic chicken
1 gallon milk
1 large bag of shelled walnuts
1 case of Chobani yogurt
1 box of Gogurts for the boys
1 large bag of sweet peppers
 1 veggie tray to bring to a party this weekend
{baby not included}

And that is money we don't need to pull away from planning family trips, paying for swim lessons or savings.

This is a business that is tangible for you.  This is something that can maybe pay for your gas, maybe buy some bulk groceries,  maybe put a down payment on a home (or a brand new ear).  All you ever have to do is ask and see if it seems like a good fit- maybe it is, maybe it isn't.  But you'll never know unless you ask.

It is just AMAZING to me.  So thankful God placed me on this path and I cannot wait to see how this all plays out!

Monday, January 12, 2015


I can't even tell you guys how much FUN I had over the holidays AND how excited am I that everyone is dedicated to getting HEALTHY in 2015...from one holiday to the next--> here comes VALENTINES Day!

{{ BREAK UP with your SWEET TOOTH starting January 24th and ending in time for Valentine's Day! }}

Our group is going to focus on NUTRITION-- 

Starting with the 3-day Refresh to break the cycle of bad eating and get a jumpstart on healthy weight loss; 21 days of removing refined sugars from our diets, drinking Shakeology once a day to curb those GNARLY sweet tooth cravings (hey...breaking up is hard to do!) and start planning how to stay on track with your Nutrition Plan after you indulge -just a little- on Valentine's Day!

I want you to join us in BREAKING UP with your SWEET TOOTH!

Email me at for more information or comment!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

A sweet goal of mine...

I am scared to even admit this is a goal for me this month.  Because it WILL be hard.  It WILL be a challenge.
It will really test my commitment.

I plan to completely revamp my diet this month and go  refined SUGAR FREE  for 21 days, and I need people
to be here in the trenches with me!

I can see you, cringing, thinking about your coffee and your baking.  I am right here with you!

But with the holidays behind us, and a fresh slate before us, how amazing will it feel to clear out the junk and
 have your body feel amazing and using food as fuel--  and not running on empty sugars?

I am going to be honest here, I can commit to a workout any time.  For me, that's the easier part to commit to
and I too often use it as an excuse to eat what I want.  But I have big goals to
achieve and my discipline the the kitchen needs to match the discipline I can
put into my workout schedule.

My plan of action is to start with the three day refresh and continue from that with 18 more days of sugar-free eating- eating whole foods and Shakeology as a once a day (and to curb those sugar cravings!) meal replacement.

Not sure what the 3 day refresh is?   Here is a little teaser..

"Users looking to lose a few pounds quickly and/or to look and feel better in just 3 days can use the 3-Day Refresh.
The program is for those who have "fallen off the wagon" with their nutrition and want to get back on. It is for anyone
 wanting to kick start clean eating habits for the first time or just wanting to prepare for big event, milestone or trip
and look his or her best. The program is also for people seeking to undo the "damage" of a recent binge. Overall, this
product is for anyone wanting to lose weight quickly, to feel lighter, to feel cleaner and healthier, to improve
digestion, to curb cravings for junk food, or to improve mental clarity."

--->Sounds good to me! I could use all the above, please & thank you!

I am going to start the refresh for January beginning on the 19th and finish up well before
Valentine's Day!

I KNOW it will be hard, but what gets me through these challenges is having a support system in place.

I have had amazing results in the past in online challenge groups and I would like to
invite you to join in with me!

Challenge groups give you a private place to check in, stay accountable, share recipes and
meal planning, win fun prizes, and work as a team towards goals.

Msg me, leave a comment or email me {}to get signed up!!

Friday, January 2, 2015

The brinks of 2015

Ironic, as I sit down to write a post to think about how I want 2015 to look for me and my family that Jud turns to me and says, "so, what are we doing with 2015?

How amazing, and overwhelming, is that kind of question?  What WILL we do with 2015?  We have some ideas where we are heading this year- some goals we would like to accomplish and adventures to go on.  And we go forward into 2015 with all the insight and lessons learned in 2014.

But for me, this year, one major and personal goal I have for myself is to learn the patience to slow down.  I can go very, very fast.  Moving so quickly through each day that I wonder where the month, and the month before that, have gone away to.  I felt that way with this Christmas.  As we packed up the last of the decorations this week  I wondered to myself where did the weeks of anticipating Christmas vanish to?

Maybe this is what happens as you approach 30.  Maybe this is what happens when you have three young children.  Time seems to dissipate a whirlwind and you wonder how your own childhood summers and holidays felt so long. So, I want to learn to to not put the pressure on myself to take on everything all at once.  I want wake up each morning intentionally looking for the beauty that is hidden in the routine and exhale out each evening the stressors and the to-do list of the day.  I want be present with the people I love the most 100%.  When the boys ask for an extra bedtime story I want to say yes without hesitation and not worry that the laundry that is piled a mile high. Because life is so much more than folding the clothes.

I plan to soak up 2015.  Because this year is a once in a lifetime for me.  One of the few precious years where I am knee deep in young children and babies.  This is a chapter that we are in the thick of, and believe me- we are feeling the craziness it entails, but it's fleeting. If I didn't believe it before, I know it now....  "The days are long but the years are short."

And though it can be exhausting, and sometimes it leaves me and Jud  giggling as we reflect on the chaos of our days-- it is so beautiful.  Welcome 2015.  I know its truly unique one that will give me some of the sweetest memories of my lifetime.

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