Thursday, December 4, 2014

Owen & a long time coming update!


It's been quite a while since I updated on Owen's journey with Microtia & Atresia.  I always have to remind myself of when he was born and I was sitting in the hospital room I would be SO happy to come across blogs of other moms who were documenting their journey... and I would become so frustrated when the trail of posts would just STOP. 

There was always chapter 1. Making decisions. The surgeries.

But what about chapter 2? How were the kids doing now? How did they do in school? How did the post-op go?

So, I will keep writing for those that are googling for the first time. Momma's still in the hospital bed, I got you covered. :)

After the initial couple months of obsession, Owen's ear just became what it was- the smallest part of his make up and not a major topic of discussion in our house.  What happened was Owen emerged as the charismatic, all-encompassing Owen that that we all know and love. With more than enough personality enough to fill a room his ear is just a side note.  An interesting detail in a far more interesting kid.

He's busy eating snacks, I'm busy kissing boo-boo's, daddy is busy doing the morning school drop off grind.  And in between there's a lot of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, potty training and snuggles. Owen has always loved a good hug.

So, there's not too much to report for the last two years.  The first couple months of Owen's life were about exploring options.  Then it was all just about being a family. And, somehow, here we are- that time where surgery dates are being set and the wheels are in motion.  The two years flew by.  And so now, for another small season of life, let's talk about the ear again as we embark into chapter 2.

Owen has medpor reconstruction surgery set for late 2015 with Dr. Lewin out in California.  Its been booked for over a year.  Long-standing appointment. You have to book early!  We had the opportunity to meet Dr. Lewin last year at a Microtia family picnic.  I felt drawn to her immediately.  I had the gut instinct she is the surgeon for Owen. Follow up phone consultations only confirmed this for me.  I also got to meet some of the little guys and gals who had an ear made for them by Dr. Lewin.  They looked absolutely amazing!

We are currently in the process of deciding if atresia repair (building an ear canal) is a good option.  He had a CT scan in October to determine if he is a candidate, and on a scale of 1-10, he scored an 8.  Which is a great score!  This score essentially translates into an 80% chance of restoring normal hearing.  Isn't that amazing?

(Side note, Owen did amazing for the CT scan. He stayed so still, no crying, and no drugs needed to knock him out!)

Anyways, we are in the middle of consulting with the Dr's in California to see if we want to go ahead and commit to the surgery.  If we do we are hoping it will happen during June or July of 2015.  Giving him 6 months to heal and medpor following that in Dec.

Once we have that piece locked into place- we can plan all the details, where to stay, flight arrnagements, coordinating the schedules for our other 2 kids. 

2015 is a big yEAR!

hehe, see what I did there? ;)

More to come soon!

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