Tuesday, November 11, 2014

A Happy Halloween!

About a week and a half ago I hosted for my boys (and a new little TinkerBell) their annual Halloween party.  Somehow, I became the crazy Pinterest mom for this holidayy,  I admit it's a little bit over the top, a little bit stressful...but really, it's mostly just fun.  It's worth it for a once a year festivity and the boys look forward to it for WEEKS.  

By the way, how much do you love our themed costumes?  How long do you think I have before the boys realize they don't have to match mom and family??  

I hope it's not next year, because I have a pretty sweet circus theme lined up. 

This year, I decided to not serve a full dinner as I had in Halloweens past.  I wanted to have just some themed snacks and finger foods on hand for everyone.  I also wanted some healthier options since it would be candy galore for the kids later in the night.

This years spread:

Spooky Handed Punch
Make punch of choice and for the hands--> fill non-powdered latex gloves with water, tie the ends and freeze overnight.  Be sure not to overfill with water, the fingers should be able to bend before you toss in the freezer.
When its time to start the party carefully cut off the latex and add ice cubes to punch bowl.
Timing is everything!  They melt after about 15-20 minutes.  I made for hands so I could add more ice when needed.

Here's a little preview of the table.

Another table shot of the food and decor.

For this seven layer taco dip I simply added sour cream to a sandwich bag, cut a small hole in the corner and used it to decorate the web.  For the spiders I slices large olives into spider bodies & legs.

 This one was supposed to be Frankenstein.  But we will just call it spooky vegetable man.

This was my personal favorite.  Clementine's pumpkins with celery stems.  Simple and cute.

I hope you all had a fun & spooky Halloween! 

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