Monday, October 27, 2014

Breakfast on the fly

I am often inspired by Pinterest but that doesn't always mean I am acting on my pins.  Actually, what I do is pin and pin and pin some more dreaming of that one day I can become Martha Stewart.

Well, with going back to work this Friday and with a 6:50 am punch in time I need to plan ahead our breakfast schedule for me, the hubs & the kids.  It's already a 5 am wake up call to workout, gets kids dressed, and the morning routine- and that's WITHOUT cooking breakfast and, well,  I refuse to get up any earlier!

So today I got to experimenting & Pinteresting and I finally decided to try out these muffin pan eggs that I have been pinning for ages!

Step 1: Get your eggs and any ingredients you would like mixed into your scramble.  Today I used cherry tomatoes halved, chopped spinach, a little feta cheese and portobello mushrooms (only in half, my hubby isn't a fan---weirdo!).

1. I sprayed the muffin tin with olive oil to prevent the dreaded sticking.

2.  Add your mix-in's to the muffin pan, I filled each up about halfway.

3. It took me 14 mixed eggs to fill 12 large muffin tins.  I mixed up the eggs in a large measuring cup an poured right over the mix-ins in the tin. 

4. After adding in the eggs I sprinkled each cup with a little bit of garlic salt.

5. Cook your muffin eggs in a preheated 350 oven.  These cooked for 27 minutes to get a little golden on top and cooked throughout.

After I was done with the eggs I baked up some turkey bacon and rationed out the eggs and bacon into individual baggies for each serving.

When we are ready to eat these in the morning we can just grab the baggie, dump onto a plate and after  we send them on a 30 second vacay to the microwave these little guys are all ready to go!

And of course I had to taste test one baggy today for lunch to make sure they were decent and worthy of being made again.  Super delish and super easy for a healthy breakfast on the fly.

Pinning gone right.

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