Friday, July 25, 2014

Easy Kid Snack!

Sometimes, I overthink it, and totally stress about what to feed my kids day in and day out during the summer.

Of course, inspired by Pinterest, I was excited about the idea of kid-friendly sushi.  I decided to save the Swedish Fish & Fruit roll-up variety for another time and hit the pantry for a kid-friendly snack this morning.

1.  Simple ingredients-  Kids like PB, bread (in this case whole wheat soft taco shells), banana, and I decided to add some sunflower seeds in there for some crunch.

2. Smear on some of the PB goodness, sprinkle whatever healthy seeds you have on hand (for a sweeter variety I bet a few mini chocolate chips would be a crowd-pleaser as well), and banana.

3. Wrap it all up (you can use an extra little swipe of PB as a glue to keep it all together) and then slice it up into little "sushi rolls."

My kids LOVED it.

Simple and easy summertime snack or lunch.  I may have made one for me too.  I do ten to get food jealous ;)

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  1. I throw chia seeds in as well, when I make these, and I have started making my own tortillas w/ eggs and coconut and arrowroot flour. :)


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