Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Cilantro Lime Quinoa Recipe!


I found a recipe on Pinterest when looking up creative ways to make quinoa and spiced it up a little to make my own version of a Cilantro Lime Quinoa Salad.

I haven't had much success in the past making this stuff- it always seemed a little bland, but this one was definitely zestier!

1 cup Quinoa
1 carotn grape tomatoes
1 can of drained black beans
green onions (i used 6 but really to taste)
Cilantro to taste
2 limes
1/2 cup olive oil
red pepper flakes to taste
salt & pepper to taste
1 avocado


1. Cook one cup of quinoa according to directions on package, set aside to cool.

2.  Halve grape tomatoes, drain black beans, chop green onions & cilantro,

3. Mix sauce together- olive oil, juice of two limes, red pepper flakes, cumin and salt to taste

4.  Add tomatoes, black beans, green onions and cilantro to quinoa.

5. Pour dressing mixture over quinoa and stir up ingredients to coat.

6. Cut up avocado and gently stir into quinoa mix.  Give it a taste and add any additional seasonings to taste.

7. Viola! A zesty quinoa salad- serve chilled! And with some extra lime slices! :)

Super Healthy and easy to make!

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