Thursday, June 19, 2014

DIY Chicken Wire Bow & Handband Organizer

I have been NESTING like crazy and cranking out some DIY projects left and right.

New house and super pregnant is a good combination I think- getting stuff done!.  My husband may or may not agree ;)

Here is my latest project, with super simple directions for all of the sweet, girly lil' bows and headbands baby girls seem to collect!

1.  Supplies- 18x 24 frame (I found this white one at Michaels for $8); Chicken wire ($6.99 at Home Depot); Ribbon (I upcycled a pretty ribbon from a wedding I was in this past weekend); anything decorative you want on the frame (I upcycled little felt bows from Emerson's baby shower); cute clothespins (also upcycled from Emerson's baby shower); staple gun; wire cutters

2.  Take the backing off the frame and also take the glass or plastic off- you just need a bare frame.

3.  Lay the chicken wire across the back and cut to size.  (btw, chicken wire is scratchy-- my hands took a little beating from the edges!)

4.  Use staple gun to secure the chicken wire in place on back of frame.

5. Cut ribbon to size depending on how far you want the frame to hang down from nail.  Staple to top corners of back of frame.

6.  Glue on any decorative pieces along the frame & hang your new bow holder from nail on wall.

8.  Use your clothespins to secure headbands to chicken wire & enjoy it in all its baby girl cuteness.  I also glued a felt bow to the top of the nail to make it a bit prettier. I might eventually replace with a BIGGER bow--- but this works for now!

PS.  I wanted the frame to be a little more secure since we will be taking things on and off often- so I used double siding mounting tape on the bottom corners and secured to wall to prevent too much wiggling!

Happy nesting!

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