Friday, June 6, 2014

Coach Internship staring soon!!!

One of the best parts about summer is I get to laser focus on FUN with my family and making my OWN work schedule. No 6 am alarm clock for me!! (okkkk...Jamin is a pretty consistent 6:20 alarm, but still!).

I am SO excited to pour myself into Beachbody for the next 5 months because I have the FREEDOM to work from home and the ability to fully put into this business what I want out of it ---> setting up a SOLID foundation for financial security and a flexible schedule for my family. I can't wait to share this opportunity and impact others with the same goals!

I am looking for BUSINESS BUILDERS. People who aren't afraid to dive it. Being successful in this business is possible and doable-- even for people who work full time, or have kids, or are just BUSY. BUT takes a desire to jump in feet first. I want people who are ready to LEAP with me!

What could focusing on your health and fitness do for you and your family? How about making your own work schedule? What could an extra $100 a week do? How about $1,458 in ONE month?

Join in with me on my coach internship group this month and get daily step by step training, advice and information on how to build your business. I'm taking only 7 coaches for June so I can give my full attention, msg me if you're ready!!

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