Thursday, July 11, 2013

What's so great about Shakeology?

n70 ALL- NATURAL ingredients.  No filler, no fakes.
nVEGAN options available (brown rice protein with pea protein)
nGluten free
nTastes good! (sample anyone?)
nGood on the go and can be bought in individual packets.  Keep one in your purse and use when there are no good alternatives available or during travel.
nAverages $4.30 a shake.  You'll  spend more at Starbucks!
nCompletely transparent ingredient lists available on the website.
nNot designed as a weight loss shake, designed as a nutritional supplement.  Can be used AS a meal for weight loss (without cutting nutrients) or in ADDITION to for weight gain.
nHelps curb cravings
nIncreases energy naturally
nNo bloat!  Helps digestion J
nCan be mixed with any cold liquid- including your morning coffee!
nGood for people who resist their veggies- veggies in disguise.
nBottom of the bag guarantee!  

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