Friday, July 5, 2013

Shakeology...the first shake!

Ok, so you have this magical powder delivered to your door from BeachBody.  It's sitting there, in all it's glory, ready to be blended into your new healthiest meal of the day. Well, after 4 months of enjoying my shakes I am ready to share some how-to's with the world...

Take some time to get to know your shake first! Don't just jump right in! Read the information it comes with and check out the recipe calendar and find some blends that sound yummy.

For me I almost always choose chocolate, yum.
I like:
Vanilla Almond Fudge (just add vanilla almond milk, cinnamon and almond butter-or a little pb!)
Mocha Chiller (just add 1 cup cold coffee and almond milk)
Chocolate Banana Nutter (just add banana and PB and water)

And of course blend all these up with some ice.

My first shake I mixed with just water...good, but not as amazing as making a little recipe.  Especially not as refreshing without the blender.  But I do love how in it's rawest form you don't have ot choke it down!  But, take a minute to blow your socks off with a little recipe to start and it will most likely become your new go-to meal!

OK, so this is personal opinion....but, try your first shake with a banana and almond milk!  And from that point on ALWAYS make your shakes with a banana and almond milk.  In the blender this actually turns into milkshake consistency that is super delicious and the perfect texture to match.

I also recommend taking some time to decide what meal you would like to replace.  For me, having to be at work at 6:50 naturally lends itself to busy mornings and trying to run out the door.  Breakfast makes the most sense.  Maybe for some of you it is difficult to have healthy lunch options at work, or even time to sit and eat at all, so a shake is more convenient.  I know many friends that also have their shake's for dinner depending on what they are preparing for the meal that night for their fam's.

Success is always the best when you have a plan!  I know you will love the shakes, so does BeachBody, which is why they have the bottom-of-the-bag guarantee!  But you can take them from good to great and get the most benefit if you do a little research and planning!

I have single-serving packets for sample if anyone is interested in trying them out! Feel free to email me!


  1. Thanks for the reviews! This is really helpful. Are you a coach for Beachbody?

    1. Hi Sommer! I am :) If you ever have any questions feel free to contact me!


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