Monday, July 29, 2013

a little glimpse of this summer...

So long, sweet summer.  This is my last week before the school year starts up again.  Last summer was ALL about the kids.  We had playdates, library visits, park visits, swimming every single day.

This summer was a little bit different.  We had an abundance of storms for about 2 or 3 weeks that kept us inside most of the time.  My husband was also out of town for 11 days in July and we moved last week too.  So this summer was a lot more inside time, packing, and trying to keep the household under control- but overall, I would say we had a successful & fun summer.

Here's a little glimpse:

Owen ate a lot of snacks.

Jamin got a haircut.

There were wagon rides.

Some family exercise sessions

Lots of swimming.

Lots of trying to figure out whats for lunch.

Human potato heads.

Owen got a haircut.

The boys played together nicely...sometimes.

There was a rave party in the tub.

Jamin became a real pirate.

Unfortunately, there was some toddler moments.


Jamin loved his first Vacation Bible School.

Working hard at the new house.
And packing up the old house.


Weird food.

4th Anniversary!
Girls weekend for Lindsey in Greenville.

Finished P90X!

4th of July.

Jamin learned how to use the computer.

Lots of rainy day cartoons.
Jamin was jungle boy.
Swim lessons.

New house!

Unexpected new house surprise.

Owen found his Italian roots.

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