Tuesday, June 25, 2013

check and check

I am really one of those people who cannot get by without my to-do list every season, week or day.  And although embarrassing to admit I have been one to add completed tasks to my list just for the joy of crossing them off.  This is probably why I still like to carry around a hard-copy planner in my purse in a very awesome "its 2001" kind of way.

SO, what's on my list THIS summer?  I am normally a very specific kind of goal-setter (ie.  "use my food processor") but this summer is filled with BIG changes.   We're keeping it broad this year folks with three open-ended goals.

1.  Make this summer MEMORABLE for my boys.  We are working on a lot this summer as a family (see #2 and #3) but I get 18 summers with these boys (well, 12, if they turn on me in middle school ;) and they each need to count.  I will share some of our adventures here as well this summer!

2. Get crazy awesome fit.  I started working on this in April and I am still on the journey. I have become a total nut about BeachBody in the last few months as I am watching myself transform!  EVERYTHING is changing- priorities, motivation and I am seriously fired up to share with others.  But.... my nutrition needs work!  So, in efforts to keep to the program I will be coming here to post some of my recipes from around the kitchen and share with you my healthier creations and Pinterest reviews!

3. Move it on out!  We have a move on the horizon!  July 24 is the official date to move from our town house, alllllll the way down the road about a mile, into our house.  Our renters are out so were going back in.  Although I normally dread packing up, I am going to make this an OPPORTUNITY to clear, declutter and simplify!  I might even end the summer with one of the epic Nymark family garage sales. 

What are your goals for this summer?

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