Friday, January 4, 2013

days go by

Oh, WOBS.  I don't mean to leave you neglected for so long.  I do love to take the time to focus in on these little moments that are passing by and relive them again by writing down our little stories and snapshots we have from along the way.  But December was too busy.  There was no time.  And that was a really great thing.  It means there was too many cookies to bake, gifts to wrap, family to visit, magic to create.   I enjoyed my month off living my whirlwind life and soaking in the holidays.

But I'm happy to be back. Spring is looking as whirlwind as well, so here's to the new year with a little look back to December!

My boys getting ready for their big debut in the Seminole Christmas parade.  Owen didn't quite make it and went home with momma early for a night of sleep, but Jamin had a wild time getting to ride in the parade as Rudolph!

Dec 2012 024
Dec 2012 077
Dec 2012 057
Dec 2012 099
Dec 2012 105

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