Saturday, December 8, 2012

magic in the air

Dec 2012 047

There was this point in time around college where Christmas was still the best time of the year but it lost that magical touch I had remembered it having growing up.  I remember when EVERYTHING related to Christmas; decorations at school, what I wore, all the shows I watched, every movie on tv, all the music playing, every single house seemed to be adorned with twinkling lights.

There was a while that I thought the times were changing and these things simply didn't exist as much as they used to.  But now I get to experience Christmas through my children's eyes.  Jamin actively looks out the window to find every lit up house he can see.  He doesn't worry about menu planning, coordinating travel or working in secret trips to the store.  He is oblivious to shipping costs and how overpriced wrapping paper can be.  He doesn't have to haul out the tree and dust everything off before Christmas takes over the house.

Dec 2012 036

What does he gets to experience?  The magic.

Dec 2012 041

And you know the best part?  All the amazement Christmas is bringing to my boys takes me back to that magical place.  It's even better than being a kid.  It might not be all about me and my gifts any more; but it's so much better when its about them.

Dec 2012 039

This morning's Santa adventures made a shy boy out of my chatterbox and a terrified 8 month old out of my smiley one.  It was a really good morning.

Dec 2012 044

See?  Nothing screams Christmas more than a classic horrified-on-Santa's-lap picture.  This is really turning out to be the most wonderful time of the year.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Name-O, the elf. Part 2

Day 7.  Tangled.
day 7

Day 8. Caught the bug.
day 8

Day 9. Tin Man.
day 9

Day 10. Staring contest.
day 10

Day 11.  5 o'clock shadow.
day 11

Day 12. Piggy bank bandit.
day 12

Name-o the elf is causing a stir in our house.  He is bringing Jamin so much joy which fuels my "crazy-elf-on-the-shelf-mom" passion.  Have I ever really expressed to you how much I love swirly-twirly-gumdrop season, Christmas?

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