Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Jamin's room

A tour of the busiest room of the house, narrated by Jamin.

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Hi guys.  This is my room.  I don't like that window over there.  My head sits right by it when I sleep.  I hear airplanes, cars, and the worst one of all- the early morning garbage truck.  Momma says that I can just ignore what's outside because I'm all cozy in bed where it's safe...but that Momma sometimes just says things to be tricky, so I don't know.

Daddy is always saying weird things like, "you gotta start 'em young."  He was mumbling that when he hung my new Vikings banner.  But, he's usually saying that when I'm putting monies into that blue piggy bank over there.  He only lets me put the monies in one time and then they have to stay there and I don't get to play with them anymore.  Don't tell daddy but sometimes Momma will take them back out so I can drop them in again.  Daddy uses big words like "fiscal planning."  Momma uses fun words like "our little secret!"

These are my books. Well, some of them.  Momma had to get rid of a few that I decided to tear pages out of and covers off of.   Most of these used to belong to my Momma and Daddy when they were little.  Momma's were the Rainbow Bright Saves Christmas, Cinderella, 101 Dalmations and No means No.  Daddy's were all the Woof books and Help Fire!
I actually don't really like any of those books.  I like The Lion King book and Goodnight Moon.  That's all.

My momma thinks its normal to have a mini farm and train station next to eachother.  Silly momma, that just isn't right.

Almost everything in this picture is from a garage sale.  My airplanes ($10). My Elmo (free). My trading card holder ($2).  My pegs for my hats ($1). A baseball (free). Baseball cards (hand me down from Nonno).  Rays bat (free from a baseball game).  Thank you daddy & mommy for splurging on...the dresser...and...hmm, that wooden alligator up there.

Momma says she is obsessed with these vintage planes.  She said she wanted me to take a close up.  Happy now, Momma?

Here's the other side of my room.  That's my big boy bed.  Momma insists that I have a bar to "help me from falling out of bed."  I make her cover it up with a really manly football blanket so no one will know how overprotective momma is. Silly, Momma.

This is a better view of the very important things I keep by my bedside.  I have my M&M backpack (that holds my potato head pieces), my M&M hat from my days back in NYC, and my sword.  Just in case.  My name is up there, too.  Momma tries to help me remember the letters in my name.  J-A-M-I-hey! I hear a plane!

What is Oso and Bear doing on my bed?  I don't use those baby things anymore!  I'm 2 1/2!  Don't worry everyone.  I don't sleep with Oso and Bear every night. Nope. Never. Not at all...

My room is nice and busy, just the way I like it.  Thank you for visiting.  I'm going to go rip some pages out of some books now. Bye Bye.

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