Monday, October 1, 2012

welcome fall

Hi, little blog.  I have missed you.  You weren't far from my mind as I powdered bottoms, returned to work and cut off all my hair.  There is so much to tell you and truly not enough time. Summer ran away from me at the end and I got lost in a whirlwind of days that turned into weeks for a while there.  But, today is the first day of October and the Fall makes me feel cozy, relaxed and eager to find some quiet time in my days to document the little moments that are passing me by.

Owen is my big boy now.  He babbles, giggles and army crawls across the floor.  He has these amazing blue eyes that can take my breath away.  I remember being worried about how to share my love among my two sons.  Owen has stretched my heart even more than I thought imaginable.  Love really doesn't have to divide, it can multiply.

There's something magical about the second baby.  The first baby is shock and awe.  Baby number two finds  their place with a confident mommy. Without the anxiety of doing everything right and gaining the mommyhood lessons that can only come with time- you can thoroughly relax and enjoy the stages and let the little milestones and changes soak in.  It's going so. fast.

And there's my ham.  So full of energy and an amazing big brother.  He adjusted with no issues at all and accepted Owen into the family with totally open arms.  Everyday, when I pick him up from school I swear he has grown an inch and he can hold full conversation. "Mommy, where did my shadow go?" "Mama, when the light turns green we go!"  He is so smart!

That's it for now little blog.  Just an update on my boys and how they fill my days with so much fun.  I will be back soon!

Happy October!

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