Sunday, October 28, 2012

then & now

my boy.

pumpkin season

I really love the Fall.  Last week we went to visit Hunsader Farms for the first time.  I wouldn't be exaggerating to say that I have had this pumpkin festival on my mind for a couple of years.  This was the first year that Jamin was finally old enough to make the drive down South to really make it memorable.

He was thrilled by fresh-squeezed lemonade, pumpkins as far as the eye can see, and a farm full of kid friendly activities

The only thing could have made this outing better would have been if we had our current cold front last weekend.  It was scorching out there and I ended up with a pretty good sunburn that shouldn't be allowed in the fall.

Didn't stop us from pumpkin patch glory!

First pony ride.  Half thrilled, half terrified.

The first pictures of my sweet little O and pumpkins galore.

Other fall happenings have been going on around here as well.

The first real trick-or-treating for J.

Mommy & Daddy have been able to take part in some holiday fun too!

Where would we be without Pinterest?

It's finally Halloween week!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

working mom blues

Today I got a case of the working mom blues.  Now that evening has settled in and the kids are asleep I am starting to unwind a little bit, but it might take a while because boy, was I wound up today.

The early hours of this morning (and they seem so, so long ago) began with croup coughs from Jamin which never fail to bring me into an immediate mom panic. I don't like my little ones not feeling good.  I don't like having to try and arrange Dr. appointments, daycare drop off's and 2 full time jobs in the household.  Especially when trying to figure it all out at 5:30 am.

We got our schedule together and off to work I went.  Work was fine, but long and busy, and as I was walking out of work a little bit late I remembered the Halloween party at the library.  With only 20 minutes to get there I spent the whole drive playing out strategies in my head:

Pick up the kids and go straight there with no Halloween costumes or diaper bag?  What if Owen has explosive poop? What if he gets hungry?

Pick up the kids, stop at home, let the dog out, get the diaper bag and costumes and be terribly late?  How long would it take me to haul the carseat inside while packing the diaper bag?

Go home first, let out the dog, grab the bag and costumes and rush to get the kids in a whirlwind? But then I would be backtracking a mile!

Just skip the whole thing?  I may have had started having wild fantasies about taking a nap right about then and had to snap back to reality.

I ended up picking up the kids, stealing a diaper for each kid from their daycare stash at school and storing them away in my purse. Knowing I could bum some wipes from someone if needed I brought my kids to a Halloween party with no baby supplies and no costumes.  Mom fail.

Did I mention when I left work my car wouldn't start?  The beast finally revved up and I was able to be on my way.  After the library I headed home to finally get that elusive diaper bag and let out the dog before taking the kids to Mimi & Papa's to visit.  And then the car wouldn't start at all.  So, I had to cancel my hair appointment for tonight.  And the football game party for tomorrow. And my house is so messy.  Sigh.

I hate to say but tonight I was just going through the motions.  Dinner couldn't get over fast enough, bath time was all business, I was a woman with a mission: get the children to bed.  And now they are and I'm feeling guilty for rushing away a day of childhood and babyhood.  YOLO, right? Seize the day.  I need to remember to cherish these babies as babies while their babies (say that a few times fast).

How do these women do it all?  The ones with pristine holiday crafts, well planned dinners (organic and gluten free usually, too, of course), sparking clean kids and a little thing called a full time job on the side?  Please, share your secrets!

Anyways, woe is me.  There are much worse days and I should remember to be eternally thankful that I have healthy children to bring to Halloween parties, a job to work hard at and a roof over my head.  By the time I let the stress unravel from today I'll remember this sweet, blessed life I've been given and be thankful tomorrow morning is another chance to get it right..extra bubbles and splashing during bathtime sounds good.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

today was a good day

Today was a good day.

I woke up and made scrambled eggs with cheese, tomatoes and spinach with some sausage patties.  Then I scrubbed the shower and my husband cleaned out the fridge.  And with that done before 10 am I felt so accomplished that I think I could have sat the rest of the day and still been satisfied.

But we also did laundry, got Owen into a wild fit of giggles, played at the arcade, won a giant whoopee cushion, scarfed down some pizza, made homemade popsicles, got Chinese take out for dinner and had an overall grand time.

God bless October.

a few of my favorite things..

Many won't care but I think my husband reads my blog. (hint, hint).  So here are a few things that I'm jonesing for this Christmas!

1. cute, casual brown & black sandals
2. tickets to wicked
3. ipod shuffle
4. mommy necklace
5. black booties
7. dark denim jacket
8. long janes, christmas themed

Monday, October 8, 2012

Things they should tell you before you have a baby... Part 1

My lifelong (well, since middle school, and that's pretty much lifelong)  friend is having a baby in about a month and I keep thinking of things I would like to tell her.  Things I wish someone had told me before I had a baby.  So here is my list so she knows she is not alone in those quiet moments of panic.

Having a baby is a shock.  You're pregnant, you decorate a nursery, you know how big your baby is in relation to various fruits- but when you have that baby... Oh. My. God.- there is an actual baby.  And they expect you to, you know, take the baby home...forever, and raise him.

See my expression?  Joy, and lots of shock!

After you come home with baby the first 3-4 hours are the weirdest hours of your life.  I remember with Jamin we drove home with Jud white-knucklng the steering wheel and driving me and baby in the back (Driving Miss Daisy anyone?) and when we arrived home Jamin was asleep.  So, we took him out of his carseat and put him in his bassinet.  And then had no idea what to do.  We just kind of awkwardly sat for a while.  Are you allowed to watch TV with a newborn sleeping?  Are you allowed to leave the room?  Major case of the weirds.

Hello, cozy baby.

Your baby is hot.  We live in Florida.  They really don't need mittens, a hat, a full sleeper and swaddle.  Poor boy needs some air.  Fans are good for babies too.  Don't be afraid of fans- the noise is soothing and the air circulation can help prevent SIDS.  Hot babies are not happy babies.  Good rule of thumb from our nurse when Jamin was born- babies need to wear what you wear for the weather plus one extra lightweight layer.  In the mood for a lightweight t shirt? Put baby in a lightweight long sleeve!  Brilliant.

This is important.  Always have two to three extra outfits for baby in your baby bag.  They have a lot of messy bodily functions.  Always have one or two extra shirts for mommy in the car.  Babies love to get their bodily functions on mommy.  Especially when your wearing black and decided to actually put on make-up.  And without fail when you take the time to do your hair your baby will spit up on it.  Don't worry about it- no one will really notice or smell it.

Sometimes it takes a while to lose baby weight.  The girls that post quasi-naked pictures on Facebook 4 hours after having their baby are lucky and that is exactly why they are posting- to let the world know how lucky they really are.  Unlucky girls know how to pretend to have lost all the weight by strategically placing their baby in front of their belly while in a bikini in a private back yard.  "Look at me- I'm a lucky one too!"  It's ok if it takes a little while and you have to fake it for a while- it will get better.  (Hey, even Beyonce wears Spanx and Katie Holmes had stretch marks!)

If you can't make it, fake it.

To be continued....!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

simple life

Sometimes, I want to declutter.   I'm talking about a great purge.  The purge of a lifetime.

 I look around and I am drowning in clothes that I haven't worn in ages, toys that are stockpiling because I don't want to let go and just random things: old magazines, ugly knick knacks and hair products that couldn't handle the job.

One of my favorite blogs, Enjoying the Small Things began a purge last month.  They were inspired by the book Happier at Home. And now I'm obsessed and must read it. And I must Purge (with a capitol P).

October inspires me a little bit.  Maybe it has something to do with an internal instinct to prepare for winter.  Or maybe it's because I have a vision of being cozied up on the couch with hot cocoa, a Christmas tree and a spotless house (The dreaded "if I can just get it all done now..." mentality that fails each time with the endless Sawyer hair fluttering around the house).  But, I'm back to blogging, decluttering, running two half marathons and 2 10k's this winter and fall and revamping the family menu to include healthier options.  This includes introducing my family to almond milk.

See?  Do you see that artistic picture I took of almond milk today?  October does strange things to me.

Monday, October 1, 2012

welcome fall

Hi, little blog.  I have missed you.  You weren't far from my mind as I powdered bottoms, returned to work and cut off all my hair.  There is so much to tell you and truly not enough time. Summer ran away from me at the end and I got lost in a whirlwind of days that turned into weeks for a while there.  But, today is the first day of October and the Fall makes me feel cozy, relaxed and eager to find some quiet time in my days to document the little moments that are passing me by.

Owen is my big boy now.  He babbles, giggles and army crawls across the floor.  He has these amazing blue eyes that can take my breath away.  I remember being worried about how to share my love among my two sons.  Owen has stretched my heart even more than I thought imaginable.  Love really doesn't have to divide, it can multiply.

There's something magical about the second baby.  The first baby is shock and awe.  Baby number two finds  their place with a confident mommy. Without the anxiety of doing everything right and gaining the mommyhood lessons that can only come with time- you can thoroughly relax and enjoy the stages and let the little milestones and changes soak in.  It's going so. fast.

And there's my ham.  So full of energy and an amazing big brother.  He adjusted with no issues at all and accepted Owen into the family with totally open arms.  Everyday, when I pick him up from school I swear he has grown an inch and he can hold full conversation. "Mommy, where did my shadow go?" "Mama, when the light turns green we go!"  He is so smart!

That's it for now little blog.  Just an update on my boys and how they fill my days with so much fun.  I will be back soon!

Happy October!

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