Tuesday, July 3, 2012

How do you vacation?

How do you plan your vacations?  Do you like to drive the scenic route and find quirky stops and hidden sights along the way?  Or are you more of a hop on the plane and get to where you're going kind of person?

I absolutely love the memories I have of driving up the East Coast packed in a car to visit family in New York and Connecticut.  Although the drive up North was an annual event the earliest trip I remember taking was at about four or five years old.  

There was an amazing anticipation of crossing state borders and finding quirky billboards.  We played alphabet games and the license plate game.  We meticulously packed  and repacked our backpacks with the best entertainment that could fit at our feet.   There was the secret, and sometimes not-so-secret, hope of getting ice cream or candy at rest stops along the way.  Or possibly Mexican jumping beans at the South of the Border.

And that amazing sense of adventure I felt as a child is what I still remember the best.

Something like this is pure magic to a kid.  Trust me, I have been that kid.

Road trips scream of summer to me.  The best kind of summer fun.  The adventure along the way and the final arrival at the destination where the fun begins in a whole new way.  You had to put in your time for the payoff.

I mentioned yesterday I would be traveling to MN soon with the family.  Our main objective while we are there is to soak up family time, catch a Twins game and have a huge BBQ.  This is exactly what a good, old-fashioned summer vacation should be made up of.  Except I feel a sad wistfulness that I wish this trip were a road trip.  I have the urge to pack a cooler of sandwiches and my camera.

But then I remember I have a two year old and a three month old. The car ride would be long and torturous (hey, it's true!).  A road trip is definite in our future but were not there yet.  Give me five more years and I will be the mom packing the car days before we set off.

Is it possible to be nostalgic for something that hasn't even happened yet?  How do you like to travel and what are your favorite summer vacation memories?

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