Monday, June 11, 2012

Visiting the Scott's

With our first big vacation coming up in July with both boys we got to have a little trial run this past weekend.  We planned a mini road-trip to Orlando to visit some friends who just bought a new house and are expecting their first baby in Nov.  It's a busy, wild and exciting time for the Scott's!

Jamin was a Rockstar (with a capital R) the whole trip, naturally.
He was even a Rockstar well into the night, way past his bedtime.

Some might say he was really taking advantage of his mommy-and-daddy-are-being-really-flexible-so-I-don't -have-a- tantrum-on-our-mini-vacation freedom.

Trent, Natalia, Baby Owen and Baby Mason in the belly

A little glimpse of what the nursery will look like with a baby inside.  This is right before Owen had explosive poop.  We were just trying to help out and work on breaking in that nursery.

We went to a garage sale (also hosted by friends of ours), took a nap and ate meatloaf for dinner.  It was enjoyable.  How old are we these days?  I don't know if we acted 26 or 76, but I had a good time.


  1. owen's face in the pic with natalia and trent is cracking me up!

  2. I feel like an old lady every time I see Owen's chubby little legs, and all I can think to say is how much I want to eat them up.
    That's the kind of thing that only grandmas can say without sounding creepy! And I like to think I'm not creepy... just elderly.


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