Monday, June 11, 2012

Motherhood Monday's....Baby Registry, Part 3

I started my list of must-haves for mommy's here and here.  Time to add some more essentials to the list.

10. Stroller clips.  I spent my entire first go-around as a mommy without this simple, slightly overpriced convenience.  If your stroller does not have enough space for a purse, diaper bag, packed lunch, "in case we go swimming" bag, "in case we have a poop emergency" bag and the dreaded "in case we have a tantrum here is every toy and snack you love" bag- then you need these.

I have the hook and stroll- and they work lovely.  There are a variety of brands out there that would do the job.  The point is you need them; especially when you find yourself carting around everything from this list on your shoulders.

11. Stroller Fan.  I must admit.  I don't own these.  My poor boys have flushed cheeks and are a sweaty mess all summer.  Although I haven't tried them first hand I have seen them in action.  A girlfriend has two for her babies.  They always look shaded and comfortable.  

This is not my friends child.  This is a random child in a picture from But he sure looks nice and cool.

This is a picture of my children in the stroller.  Looking warm and wishing mommy would just splurge on a fan.
Buck up kiddo's- nothing like a Florida summer.

13. Boppy.  This is so obvious and over-marketed it probably doesn't even need to be on the list. But it is true-Boppy's are just brilliant.

They help you nurse.

They help prop up baby.

They help with tummy time.

They help with sitting.

They sell a variety of covers that are too cute.

They also help mommy & daddy prop up their limbs when baby falls asleep and leaves parents in an awkward-and-uncomfortable-but-too-afraid-to-move-for-fear-of-waking-up-the-baby position.

More to come!

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