Friday, June 15, 2012


I love Friday's.  I'm especially excited for Father's Day this weekend.  We will be taking the kids to a splash park and then out to dinner on Sunday to a sports bar (kid-friendly, father-approved) to celebrate.

Tomorrow, I hope to find some garage sale treasures, make bacon, egg & cheese mcmuffins for breakfast, and I need to work on Jamin's year 2 shutterfly book.  We got his year 1 in the mail.  Unfortunately, I discovered I had listed his birthday in 2012, not 2010.  Bad Momma.

This week I got a library card.  "Oh, how very mom of you!" Not really.  I wanted a free way to read Mindy Kaling, Kelle Hampton and this Christian Gray I have been hearing about.  Maybe I will check out some Sesame Street DVD's for good measure.

I already finished Mindy's book and I loved it.  I wanted a really light, funny read to kick off my summer reading list and I completely agree with CFC.  Her chapters flew by and I finished in one night still having time to host my dad for dinner and put the kids down to sleep.  It was a silly little book and exactly what I needed.  It makes quirkyness normal- and I dig it.


So, I am still obsessed with Pinterest but I didn't log on for weeks because I was overwhelmed with ideas for dinner and delicious treats.  I was drowning in recipes and glitter pens.  So, as any rational person would, I abandoned the website, tried nothing new and actually regressed back to a macaroni and cheese from the box dinner.  I did put some peas in there for my toddler son so he would get some nutritional value.  I'm not a monster.

Well it seems I have pinned approximately 458 food ideas and 321 crafts (rough guess).  When am I going to do it all?

New initiative and lame-but-thrilling goal: One pinterest activity or food a week. (great! it'll only take me just shy of 15 years to try out all these things!)

Recently, I had success with Broccoli Bites.  And then I tried Yogurt Drops which was an epic fail.  The drops are so small they melt instantly. By the time I had given Jamin 3 to eat and was trying to ziploc and get the the rest of them back into they freezer they were a yogurty mess on the cookie sheet.  Not practical.

This week I am going to try these Pesto Roll-up's  AND frozen banana bites AND Lemon and Garlic Crock Pot Chicken.

Photo courtesy of  Pinterest

Yes, 3 Pinterest recipes in one week.  It's going to be awesome and blow my pitiful once a week goal out of the water.


Have a lovely weekend!

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