Thursday, June 28, 2012

big boy

Things are always changing.

My baby isn't a baby anymore.  It's been like this for a while.  But it really is different now than it was even 2 months ago.  So, this is it.  A picture of a 26 month old that marks the transition from baby to boy.

big boy jamin

This week we've seen Jamin's fighting spirit shine through.  He declarations of independence are loud and, believe me, heard.

His claims to independence are through the little things.  Naptime and bedtime wars- we both come to the battlefield armed with a sense of stubbornness.  His adamant "NO!" even when he is reaching for the very thing I offered.  The "Jamin does it!" for every door that needs shut and every buckle that needs fastening.

Babies are meant to become boys who become teenagers then men.  But for the first time, it really seems to be moving fast.

There's still little moments though where I can catch a glimpse of the baby faced Jamin I know.  When he sheepishly asks "Mommy, help you" for a task he hasn't quite mastered yet.  When his eyes dart around the playground until they meet mine and he smiles.  When he reenacts the entire series of events that led to an ouchie on his "elbow, right there!" and concludes by asking for a kiss to make it better.  Momma is nearby and available and even when he doesn't want to show it, his eyes give him away.

baby jamin


Now, this guy?  Well, he's still all mine in all of his baby glory.

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