Wednesday, June 20, 2012

500 days of no nap

So, maybe it hasn't been 500 days, but the past 4 in which Jamin hasn't gone down for a nap have been long.

I won't say terrible because they haven't been.  But they are much less productive and mommy is feeling a little lack of "me" time and alone time with Owen.

My house is messy, my dinners are ill-prepared, the blog is abandoned, I'm exhausted and Owen is getting sick of the bouncy.  The household needs Jamin's naps!

Today, we try something new.

All the doors are open, music is playing in his room and we had a big "discussion" where I laid out the new groundwork for naptime.

The conversation went a little bit like this,

Jamin: "NO NAP"
Mommy: "Mommy will lay with you for a little bit and read you a book."
::Jamin willingly hops into bed::
::Book is read::
Mommy: "The end."
Jamin: "NO NAP"
Mommy: "Mommy will deedle (Nymark family term for tickle?) your back"
Jamin: "NO NAP"
Mommy: "Ok, you do not need to nap if you don't want to.  But, you need to play in your room quietly"
Jamin: "NO NAP"
Mommy: "That's fine, you can play with your books, trains, or horses in bed."
::Jamin gives suspicious eyes::
Mommy: "Mommy wants you to nap like  a big boy, or play in your room like a big boy"
::Mommy leaves room::
::28 minutes later, Blogging/cuddling with Owen and Jamin is playing quietly in his room::

Will he sleep?  Yet to be determined.

Will he charge in here any moment? Yet to be determined.

Will I clean during this precious few minutes?  I sure hope so, but I seem to have logged into Blogger instead.

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  1. Good to hear you call it "deedling" too! I thought that was just my mom. I still ask my boyfriend to deedle me.. embarrassing.


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