Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Stay-at-home-for-now Momma

Wow!  This job is HARD!  I know I don't need to tell that to anyone that does stay home full time- or part time- or anyone that has children.  If you have a baby and/or toddler and/or know that kids= hard work.

Jamin and Owen are in two very different, and very needy (not in a bad way), stages right now.

Jamin's desires: to run free, touch bugs, climb to the highest point on the playground, say "NO, momma!" often and loud for all to hear, eat things off the floor, make a direct run straight for open spaces, point out every truck, bus and airplane that can be seen for miles, and throw toys across the room and down the stairs.

Owen's desires: milk, diaper change, bouncing.  milk, diaper change, cuddle.  milk, diaper change, skin to skin.  milk, diaper change, spit up and so on.

This makes mommy a one woman circus act trying to keep both these boys happy (and attempt to keep laundry done, the house free of Sawyer hair, and some sort of social life going).

But there are so many moments of pure happy when you get to spend so much time together.  And these little boy happy moments are limited and precious because before you know it they will have grown into little school aged children who have much more on their agenda than cuddling and pointing out garbage trucks with their momma.

Here's a little glimpse of what has been filling my days for the last 3 weeks!

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