Monday, May 21, 2012

Motherhood Monday's....Baby Registry, Part 2

A couple of weeks ago I started sharing some of the products that are must haves if there is a new baby in the way.  See what I suggested before and let the list continue!

6. Individual Diaper Disposal Bags.  Think doggy doo-doo bags meets baby poo. They sell packs of 75 at the dollar store so you will need to go buy approximately 20 boxes  (babies poo a lot).  These bags are a necessity not for just the poo-ified diapers and wipes but you will have so many baby outfits that are dirty and covered in a variety of things.  Do you really want to just toss that onesie into the diaper bag and risk a poo nightmare? Don't be stuck without a disposal bag or else you will be forced into sacrificing a nice clean swaddle blanket!

7. Nighttime Nursing Bra's.   Simply, you will never sleep without a bra again.  Invest in a few quality bedtime bra's!

Some quality choices from Target, of course!

Also, don't we find it cruel and unusual that they chose the model above to advertise for a nursing bra? She sure looks like she just had a child and some engorged boobs lately.  

8. Breast Pads.  Speaking of nursing accessories don't be caught in public without breast pads in place!  Disaster waiting to happen.  And if you suddenly realize you are in public without them- then you're sure to leak, right then and there.  Oh, the funny jokes nature likes to play.  Nuk is your cheapest go to and you can find them everywhere, even Publix!

9. Sleep Sheep. We got it as a gift and I used it with Jamin from the very beginning.  I wasn’t sure  if the “nature noises” really did anything at first but as he got older I saw it comforted him to hear the noise. This was a necessity for about the first year until we switched to bedtime stories and lullaby music  It also helped him fall asleep in unfamiliar places for naps or an overnights and for that reason I recommend the smaller sheep for traveling! 

To be continued!


  1. oh my goodness! I have everything you listed except the Sheep! The poo bags we use inside as well since I cannot stand the diaper genie! haha I bought 20 dollars worth with Paxtyn and we are still going strong with them :)

  2. I used to buy expensive diapers for my baby when she was a newborn - you know what a new mom is like - I had to choose the softest diaper for her soft skin! Since she was 6 months I realized she was actually much tougher than I thought, so I switched to baby-dry or huggies, whichever was on sale. They are good diapers and I don't have any complaint. The price cannot be beat when baby-dry is on promotion with the $30 Amazon gift certificate - that's much cheaper than local stores!


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