Monday, May 7, 2012

Motherhood Monday's....Baby Registry, Part 1

I have been blogging a lot about babies and toddlers.  I can't help it!  I am almost one month into life with my two littles and they are my whole life right now.  I've decided to dedicate Monday's to general baby talk like other blogs I admire

I am always trying to think of things that will help simplify my life and make the whole balancing act go a lot smoother in normal day to day routine.   There are some products/items I absolutely would not be able to make it without.  

I keep thinking of one of my best friends who is expecting her first bundle of joy in November.  I have been compiling a mental list to share with her of my experiences with baby must have's or baby items that just drive me up the wall.   I find my opinions on these to be the gospel truth so I figured I might as well share it with all the world!

The beginnings of the 20 Baby Must Haves list:

1. Receiving blankets.  I remember being a little worried as I opened my 20th package of receiving blankets at my first born's shower that there may not be a need for 40 blankets.  Well, these moms definitely had a head's up  on me.  Who knew what a life savor these simple cotton blankets can be.

Cute ones available at Target

Their uses you may wonder?

swaddling blanket. burp cloths. spit up wiper uppers. makeshift changing mat. nursing cover. sheet protector (I always have one laid out under my son wherever he is laying to catch fly away spit up and potential poo leakage). makeshift baby toga outfit (I'm not kidding. I think even supermom's have found themselves in a situation where they do not have spare baby clothes and their child has...soiled theirs beyond wear.  What to do?  Clean up baby and wrap them in a receiving blanket toga and drive home in shame).  Another common (but shameful) use is to wrap yucky, icky, gooey, slimy or just gross things in them before placing these icky items back into your diaper bag to store until you can get home to begin the disinfection process.

You need these little cotton wonders.  And yes, you need all 80 of them.

2. Your child will get sick, eventually. Sadly, all the hand sanitizer in the world won't prevent it.  I didn’t have anything the first time my first little one came down with a common cold.  For a new mom this is about as stressful as learning your child has contracted the Ebola Virus.  I happened to be alone with baby (while my husband was out of the country) the first time he got sick.  There I was, an anxiety stricken mother with her miserable baby at Target trying to figure out  what in the world a sick baby even needs. 

A humidifier, baby Tylenol, Little Noses non-medicated saline spray (to shoot out boogers) and Aquaphor (to prevent irritated noses and lips) are must haves.  I also recommend having a crib wedge  to elevate the baby's head when they have a cold since they can’t have pillow.  
3. Breast feeding shawl.   I am not necessarily a person that feels natural comfort breastfeeding in public, and before I had kids I swore I would never.  Well, I didn't often with Jamin but there are definitely moments that it was unavoidable.  It is especially unavoidable with baby number two when you can't easily sneak away with a toddler in tow.  If you're like me, and a little weary of public breastfeeding, I highly recommend this specific cover. 

It goes all the way around.  Let me say that again- It covers you all the way around! I love that.  Especially if you're not wearing a nursing top and you basically have to lift your entire shirt off to feed baby- this helps cover everything including your bare back/midriff (and of course...boobs!).

4. An easy-to-clean high chair.  High chairs get so dirty.  Disgustingly dirty.  Food can get crusted everywhere on these bad boys.  We had a fancy fabric covered one.  Once Jamin began feeding himself it was requiring a daily run through the wash.  I don't even keep the fabric cover on anymore because it is just SO much easier to clean without it.  Its now just an ugly piece of plastic furniture that looks like its missing it's cover.  If I could go back in time I would buy one of those really efficient, cost-effective and simple to clean high chairs from IKEA that can just be wiped down.  No fabric.

Something like this:

Or this (this one looks like it could even handle a good old fashioned hose-down in the yard- which is a good thing):

5. Swaddle Blankets Some parents love them and some don’t.  Jud & I definitely do.   Does it really help baby sleep through the night? Who knows for sure...but the magical way my two boys have slept as little ones makes me a true believer.  Plus, baby burritos are cute.

More to come next week!

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