Thursday, May 3, 2012

just to share...

Sometimes I want to blog about things but they simply just don't seem worthy of their own post.  So here are some happenings around here that I would like to share that do not earn a post of their own.

On Monday Jamin had his two year check up.  He has shrunk! My big boy used to be right around the 95th percentile in weight and height.  Measuring in at 29 pounds, 3 ounces and 34 1/2 inches he is now right smack in the 50th percentile for both.  They stop measuring head circumference at a year- but he's probably still slightly above average would be my guess!

Jamin also got to have a shot- this was the first time as a full blown toddler that he would be subjected to a needle.  I was nervous.  Really nervous.  The nurse instructed me to hold the other arm away and block the legs from a kick if necessary.  She stuck him and....nothing.  Not even a flinch!  It was super bizarre.  When she was done Jamin simply said "thank you."  What a polite (and weirdly brave!) boy I am raising.  No lollipops or stickers as a reward for his good behavior.  They gave him a brand spanking new toothbrush.  Way to keep it healthy.

Yesterday at storytime the tots got to sing songs for their mommy and pick them a flower.  Jamin picked the biggest and brightest yellow flower for me. Also, the biggest one in the bunch was clearly the best value- taking after daddy already!  What a sweetie pie.

Please excuse the belly roll.  Owen is only 3 weeks old!
Today I conquered a fear.  I brought both boys to the playground with me.  I had Owen in a sling with me as I chased around Jamin and talked him from the edge a few times.  My boy likes to climb to the highest points and pretend he's 5 and able to slide down the fireman pole.  He is not able to slide down the fireman pole himself.  Or the chain ladder. Or the rock wall.  Luckily, today he stuck with the slides and stairs.  Phew.

Next biggest fear?  Grocery store with both children.  My heart starts to pound just thinking of it!

I got my hair cut and colored this week as featured in the pictures above.  It is embarrassing when you say to "cut off as much as you need to make it healthy!" and 3 inches has to go.  Equally embarrassing is when your hairdresser comments on the severity of your roots, product build up, and overall health of you hair.  At least I'm back to a fresh start.  Let the "growing out" commence!

Yesterday my hubby bought us an iMac.  Will my posts/pictures become more advanced now that I have this amazing beast of a computer?  I hope so!

That is it for now!  Random updates from a random lady :)

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