Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Bewitching Hour

So, I have shared about the serene moments of motherhood.  To be fair to motherhood and all that it entails it seems appropriate that I share a little about the evil step-sister of "The Sacred Hour."  I like to call this time "The Bewitching Hour." Others may call it bedtime.  Some may simply call it the apocalypse.

I met the bewitching hour two years ago with Jamin as a baby and it has flared up with vengeance as toddlerhood as emerged.  He seems to have taken little brother Owen under his wing and taught him the ways.  That's what big brothers are for!

For every sweet, smiling picture of Jamin taken there is an unposted picture of Jamin after "his timer went off."  See below, as daddy tries to pose for a pic with this over-tired boy.  As a matter of fact, shortly after this picture was taken we had the tantrum of the century.  The shortly after the tantrum we also had a severe nose-to-collarbone injury that resulted in a bloody nose for little boy.  Not the best night for our poor little guy.

Just as quickly as mom regroups during a few blessed hours of quiet during naptime- the post-dinner crankiness can begin.  It seems to take Owen about and hour or two every night to settle down for bed.  Jamin has taught him well.

It's a wild couple of hours some evenings.  And to be honest, some nights are better than others.   Some nights there is a deep breath of relief as the kids go down.

But...other nights, it is truly the best part of the day.  Cuddling with Jamin in his big boy bed- tucking him in with Blankie, Oso, Bear, and Story.  (All four critical in the going to bed process). Sometimes we read Goodnight Moon over and over, recap the days events and listen to his lullaby tunes.  Daddy always tells him how proud we are of him. Momma always explains that he will always be her baby.  This is the time of day Jamin loves to gives hundreds of kisses and hugs- and he has the fresh little-boy-out-of-the-bath smell I can't get enough of.

And Owen, well, who can resist a newborn who feels such satisfaction and contentment just to be near you and fall asleep in your arms?  There is no other place this baby would rather be and its amazing that you can feel that kind of powerful love from such a little person.  He will only be this little once.

So although tired tantrums and protesting bedtime can be part of the daily grind and it comes with the territory- there are moments of pure joy buried in there that can be easy to miss.  I'm not perfect and I don't remember this every night as we trudge through the bewitching hours- but boy, should I try. There's so much of their childhood to soak up and it's truly good for the soul to remember to enjoy the little things.

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