Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Welcoming Owen

Two weeks tomorrow will mark the day the OBGYN told me that I "wouldn't make it to the weekend." One week ago today the same OBGYN joked with me "I will see you at the hospital tonight!"


14 days later, 10 blog posts later, a thousand "no baby yet!?" comments and a few episodes of America Idol in between and here we are- Owen Eve!

I am scheduled to be induced tomorrow morning  (39 weeks, 2 days) at 6 am and then we get to meet this little big guy.

Last week during Owen's photoshoot he is measuring at about 9 pounds, with a head full of hair, and a smaller head than Jamin (good news for mommy!)

Today as my last day as a mommy of one I plan on taking a long nap, painting Owen's letters for his nursery as the final touch (letters pictured below) and the hubby & I are going out to dinner on a date night.  Jamin is staying with his Mimi & Papa tonight as we will be getting up at 5 am to head to the hospital...

Speaking of my little Jamin, I occasionally feel pangs of melancholy bringing a little brother into his life.  I almost feel sad for him.  I don't want him to have to share.  Do other momma's get this feeling when bringing home a new baby?  Or is this the rambling concerns of an only child who is about to have multiple children?

I want my Jamin to always know how perfect and special he is and that he had stolen my heart from the moment I laid eyes on him.  (Baby boys with little brothers still know how much their momma's hearts burst with love, right?)

Two little boys to love and raise into men.  I can see them now, only two years apart, playing little league and being best friends that happen to get into brawls in the living room floor. Little squirrely boys with skinned knees and runny noses.  It's all I dreamed of growing up and it's beginning to take shape as my family grows.

I can't wait to meet you Owen and see how much love your sweet face brings to this world.  I can't wait for you to make a big brother out of Jamin and transform us into a family of four.  Long nights and adjustments are ahead of us but you will be there rewarding us with your little milestones and gassy smiles.  I love you already little boy.

{Maternity Photos courtesy of Cait Corrao Photography}

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  1. ok i thought i left this comment this morning but i guess not! what i wanted to say was that this post made me tear up at my desk! and i am so excited for your family!


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