Monday, April 9, 2012

How'd I do?

A couple weeks back I made a Spring Break to-do/goals list. I love lists. Things got a little hairy there for a while as I was trying to accomplish this list when I was launched into full panic mode when the OBGYN told me I could give birth at. any. moment.

Well, baby is still tucked away, I am still waddling around pregnant and I still have a to-do list.

Let's see how I did!

1. Make Jamin's 1st year Shutterfly book.  This has been on my goals list FOREVER. I plan on finally getting it done (just in time to turn around and have to make his 2nd year!)

My God.  I still haven't done this- but I started! AND I bought a groupon for 60% off that has to be used by June.  Insurance that I will get this done for my son and be a respectable mommy.

2. Organize my closet- suggestions needed here- by season and color, just by color, just by season??  What should I do with my jeans?  I can never decide to hand or fold cami's.   Such an ongoing struggle!

Well, I didn't do this exactly, but I did clean my closet.  Nothing on the floor and old clothes, hats, shoes donated to the garage sale.  I felt satisfied even without color coding!

3. Clean the baseboards with Magic Eraser (thrilling).

I did this today actually, only the really grubby ones that lead from the bonus room to the main floor.  Those were the pesky ones I had my eye on anyways.  But I should prob try to do all of them in the near future.

4. Organize the towel closet (towels waterfall down on my head whenever I open it)

Picture Proof.

Pride.  (But a little more boring to look at, no?  I think I need some new colorful towels).

5. One work goal is to create an AP binder to pass off to my AP coordinator substitute when I go on maternity leave.


6.  Make/purchase decor for Jamin's going-to-be-amazing camping themed bday party coming up next month (2 already??)

Halfway there- just need to make a banner, table decor & organize favors.  All with a brand-spanking-new baby.  Should be no problem at all...

7. Bake this deliciousness.

Done & delicious.  Ok, so I thought it was a little too zesty (for my taste) but others loved it and felt the zestyness was right-on spot.

I vote a successful end to my to-do list!  Nothing is ever perfect, right?

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