Friday, March 30, 2012

What's on your DVR?

CFC posed a question about my DVR a few days ago. I hesitated to answer because some of it is lame, some  is boring and to be honest- we don't even have DVR.  But here it is- the TV I love to watch, the TV I feel guilty pleasure watching and the TV I feel ashamed to even admit I watch.

No ashamed watching-in-secret here! I've said it before and I will say it again.  Parenthood is worth the watch!  Or at least worth the DVR space. (Or in my case worth watching on a small lap top screen if you miss the original airing!) Also, it doesn't hurt that Adam Braverman is a dream boat.  He is a saint.  Love.

I love the Bachelor and Bachelorette! No surprise here either.  I do know it's bad TV but I like it and I am not ashamed.  Actually, I do have to admit I felt this season was one of the lamest I had seen in a while.  I loved smoldering, broken Ben in Ashley's season because he seemed so real, so normal.  I have to say his persona seemed a little annoying on his own season.  I think he was trying too hard to be Mr. Right for the cameras.  Or maybe he just actually loved Ashley and his real self shined through (I am a hopeless romantic, you know!)- and did the second round of the show for the TV spotlight (chop it up to bad acting?)

OK, maybe here is where things start getting a little bit weird.  During most daylight hours we have Disney channel on at our house.  This way the background noise of Jamin's life isn't filled with talk of Kim Kardashians butt size.  These days I see a lot of So Random, Austin & Alley, Phineas & Ferb, Jesse, Shake it Up, and my personal favorite- Good Luck Charlie.

Yes, I find myself watching episodes featuring the hilarious Duncan family even when Jamin is completely distracted with his blocks or play kitchen.  It's just wholesome and cheesy-funny and brings me back to TGIF Nights and Boy Meets World reruns.  Good Luck Charlie would def be on the modern version of the beloved 2 hour TGIF- which I think they should bring back!  It was integral as a child!

OK, ok so I just mocked Kim Kardashian a few lines ago.  But really, what an addictive family!  Too outrageous to turn off,  too pretty to take, too absurd to be real and so overexposed!  Perfect.  I love the show and all the spin-offs and when Jamin is sleeping it is the background noise that can usually be found playing in my house (yes, I am watching the episode with the butt x-rays again.)  Can I also admit here I love trying-to-be-normal-but-as-crazy-as-them-all Bruce Jenner and  simply over the top Scott Disick?  The supporting males do make quite an ensemble cast.

A few Many years ago when this show first came out Jud said, "what a terrible and mean name for a show!" which still makes me laugh.  Well the show is kind of terrible, and not necessarily mean, but I love it and I don't know why!  I certainly am not inspired by the show.  I often watch it drinking hot chocolate, baking cookies or eating Chinese take out.  But it makes me cry once a week and the finale always gives me those happy feel good vibes.  I'm always so happy for the people that finally get control of their lives and totally  jealous when they end up looking fabulous, have professional make-overs and win lots of money!

There's not much to be said here except I am a traditionalist.  AI has some intense competition on it's heels in recent seasons- but I stay true to what I know.  And what I know is Ryan Seacrest's fake tan and Randy calling everyone "dawg".

Well, CFC, there you have it.  My not-so-interesting list of weekly shows sprinkled in with some quality Criminal Minds reruns and Dateline Mysteries.

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