Thursday, March 8, 2012

a week in the life if a bed training toddler (and his tired parents..)

They say a picture is worth a thousand words...but I say this one deserves some words to go along with it...

Last Wednesday my husband seemed to be taking a generously long time laying our baby boy down to bed.  Jamin is an AMAZING crib sleeper.  The best.  Sleeps 7-7 most nights. Ok, every night.  I am so spoiled. Well-rested, too.  Don't kill me other moms!

Well, with baby Owen due in 6 weeks the hubby figured it was time to make the transition. We had no plans of buying a second crib so into the big boy bed Jamin must go. Why this life altering transition on a Wednesday?  These are the complexities of my husband I will never understand. Keeps me on my toes, that guy.

Well, night number one goes so smooth.  Jamin is fast asleep within a half hour and all is right in the world.  Our sleep loving baby mastered the transition. Amazing.  He wakes up after four hours.  We are tired- back to the crib.

Morning comes and so does the regret.  We caved.  We will not cave in again.  It's us and the bed vs the toddler.

Along comes Thursday night.  Jamin appears to not be quite as exhausted.  We decide to embark on the supernanny routine.  You know- no eye contact, no "rewards" with kisses and extra cuddles, just put the baby back in bed.  We did it....96 times before he fell asleep. After some tearful "nooooo night night!'s" Jamin finally passed out.  Did he learn something- or was it sheer exhaustion?

Well we learned Friday night and through the weekend that sheer exhaustion is the only thing that can put Jamin down in that bed.  He loves to climb out and run into our room.  Over and over.  He makes a low pitch gurgling/pure joyful sound as he comes flying in. His hair literally is flying back in the wind.  He loves it. I'm too pregnant to play the supernanny game.  I don't think the OBGYN would recommend me wrangling a toddler 96 times a night.  Our new strategy is to quietly sit in the room close to the door with no interactions.  It works, a little bit...somtimes...most recently, not at all.

Its been a struggle all week!  I cant believe it's been only 8 days.  I feel like the battle with bedtime has been going on about half my life now.  The sweet comforts and sleep associated with the crib have gone.  Hours are spent coaxing little one to accept that bed is where he belongs, and where he should stay.

Last night was 2 hours for me.... tonight hubby has been in there an hour (and still going strong).

What to do?  Please, stories & suggestions welcomed!

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