Wednesday, March 21, 2012

spring break goals

photographed by Alicia Bock. 

1. Make Jamin's 1st year Shutterfly book.  This has been on my goals list FOREVER. I plan on finally getting it done (just in time to turn around and have to make his 2nd year!)

2. Organize my closet- suggestions needed here- by season and color, just by color, just by season??  What should I do with my jeans?  I can never decide to hand or fold cami's.   Such an ongoing struggle!

3. Clean the baseboards with Magic Eraser (thrilling).

4. Organize the towel closet (towels waterfall down on my head whenever I open it).

5. One work goal is to create an AP binder to pass off to my AP coordinator substitute when I go on maternity leave.

6.  Make/purchase decor for Jamin's going-to-be-amazing camping themed bday party coming up next month (2 already??)

7. Bake this deliciousness


  1. it´s great to see your ideas put together.

  2. I organize my closet largely by sleeve length (so I guess by season? Seasons are so fluid/nonexistent here in the South!). So basically it goes from tank top, sleeveless, shortsleeve, 3/4, to longsleeves!
    I used to do by color, but sometimes I'd notice that the same green shirt kept getting passed over because he was lost in the greeness.
    Also, I fold all my camis purely because I don't have the hangers/closet space to hang them all!
    As for your towel closet, Patrick taught me to roll towels instead of fold... and it has changed my storage drastically!


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