Saturday, March 31, 2012

reframe the mundane

I was reading this particular blog post the other day on a newly discovered gem, Enjoying the Small Things.  I loved this post.  Sometimes, not terribly often,but sometimes, I wonder if I am falling into the trap of the day to day daily rut.  When there are 8 hours in a day to be worked, a toddler to entertain, a family to feed, and an endless list of house chores to accomplish I wonder what falls off the the priority list first?  Sometimes I worry that it is the "fun" that will drop off.

I started thinking more about recently as we entered into Spring here in Florida.  When you embark on a new year, the sun is out longer, and you know pretty soon you will be knee deep in newborn diapers you begin to wonder how to make it all balance and take advantage of your time.  With a baby on the way I decided early on this year I needed to start prioritizing.  Simple adventures and fun moved up on the list and I have to say I have had SO many amazing weekends (and some weeknights too!) since actively looking for new and exciting things to do.  They're not always grand, but they're different, and I feel like it helps to "reframe the mundane."  It's re-energizing for me and I hope it's helping to create memories for Jamin.

I went to an art class,  finally took advantage of the unique things that Florida has to offer and our close proximity to the beach, tried out my hand at baking and practicing photography, worked on making the house special for holidays, I gave into sports and I enjoyed blogging about the very ordinary things that makes even things like TV nights more exciting (for me at least!)

All I can say is that lately I haven't been too worried that there isn't enough fun going around.  I mean, just look at that face!

What do you do to spice up your day to day grind?

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  1. Krysta, this was very inspiring! Thanks for sharing!! It's too easy to get stuck in every day ruts...and those are no fun!


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