Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Easter Basket

I spent some time on Monday brainstorming and shopping around for Jamin's Easter basket.  Buying Easter goodies for an almost two year old is harder than you think!  What to get a little boy who still poses some choking risk with marshmallow peeps and hard candies??  I also must say that so much Easter stuff out there is so girly!  No frilly daisy headbands for my little man.  Here is the end result:

  • Classic hollow chocolate bunny (oops, bought too much and he can't fit in the basket!)
  • New Crocs for spring/summer (sadly outgrowing his army print ones)
  • 2 big boy cups (no sippys!)
  • sidewalk chalk
  • those crazy little capsules that grow into giant animals in the tub
  • new Veggie Tales cd (ohh that silly Larry)
  • and the big hit (or i hope will be!) a bubble machine for the lawn.  Jamin loves bubbles.

What do you put in a toddler's Easter basket?

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