Thursday, March 29, 2012

Anticipating Owen

Yesterday, I had an appointment with my OBGYN- and today I am officially 37 weeks along (full term!).  She told me I am 4 cm dilated and already technically in labor! Dr also informed me that from the "feel of things" active labor can start any day/moment.  She doesn't think I will make it to the weekend.  This is a lot to take in!

She also told me I have made it through the slowest stage of labor- so when it comes on it could come on fast and furious.  I was advised no "dilly-daddling" when the time comes and just get to the hospital because we want to be sure we have enough time for an epidural.  When I heard that my ears certainly perked up.  I do not want to miss that time window- especially from experiencing some birthing sans epidural the last time around.  Remember when it fell out and the nurse couldn't stop commenting "it was a shame about that first epidural" and the second  felt like it did nothing?  Well, I certainly remember!

This big news got me all riled up.  Jud and I got together for a giddy lunch and I came home and finished packing my hospital bag.  (Only after stopping at the store to buy Owen some new teddy bear slippers- only the necessities, people).   I am constantly waiting in anticipation. I have mentally decided there will not be "back to school" for me come Monday.  I have a million thoughts flying!

As a matter of fact I wasn't able to sleep well last night because I was simply waiting for contractions to begin or my water to break.  Of course, this was a sure way to guarantee none of those things would be occurring and all I ended up with was feeling pretty exhausted when I got up around 7:30.  I did wake up around 4 am once with a contraction that lasted about a minute...then nothingness.  Needless to say, I was so excited that sleep was pretty much a lost cause afterwards!

The fun doesn't stop there!  I decided to take Sawyer for a two mile walk this morning, I ran some errands and picked up the house (again).  Now, I'm really exhausted.

How long does labor usually take to kick in once 4 cm is reached?  Google is a scary place and I read it can take weeks!  Any thoughts, momma's?

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